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*Betting from a restricted country is highly risky as this is a clear violation of the legislation. We recommend you to use only the alternative link when you are located temporarily in a country where gambling is prohibited or if Bet365 has put your country on the whitelist.


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Bookmakers Alternative Link

Alternative Link – Mirror Site

Often, together with the main site of the bookmaker, there is an official alternative link. Almost always this is due to the blockade of the main site in the country of origin of the player.
The alternative link is a copy of the bookmaker’s main site, located in another domain. Each user can access their account from an alternative link (mirror site), even if the main website has been disabled.
Every well-known bookmaker has an alternative link. This avoids the loss of customers in case of problems with the main site.

What are the alternative link for?

In recent years, the most popular bookmakers, offering their service internationally, have faced unexpected problems. Recent changes in the field of gambling legislation, in several countries of the world, have led to a tightening of a number of rules relating to online gambling. Bookmakers who have not had time to obtain a complete set of documents, permits and licenses to work in these countries have been included in the “black list”. The sites of these bookmakers have been blocked at the provider level.
Sometimes the access to the official website of the bookmaker is temporarily blocked and the block is removed immediately after the required documents are issued. Some bookmakers have been blocked for a long time and to offer the same service to players in the country where online betting is not yet regulated, the option offered by bookmakers is to use a mirror site.
It is interesting to note that not only bookmakers, but also other gaming resources have been affected by the change of international legislation in the online gambling sector. However, to this problem there is a remedy using the alternative links of the blocked bookmakers, making sure that these alternative links are official.

Bet365 Alternative Links

How to bypass the block of the Bookmakers?

There are several ways to bypass the HOST block:
Install a third-party program to exclude blocks, such as Hotspot Shield. The program can be installed on a computer or a smartphone, from which you can access to bookmaker.
Some modern browsers have an integrated function. Sometimes, to bypass the site block, simply activate this function.
Install the browser plugin. For example, ZenMate. This is one of the easiest ways to get around the block, but it does not always work.
Install and configure the proxy server. In the settings, select a location. If you are a citizen of a country where gambling is not regulated, you can choose any other country, for example, Spain or England. If you can not access the bookmaker website, change the country of entry.

Why you need an alternative link

Alternative links have become a real salvation for players who can not access the official website of the bookmaker. Recently, illegal online bookmakers have been blocked in several countries. The number of prohibited Internet resources is constantly growing, the government is blocking more and more online betting sites and finding alternative links that work is becoming problematic.
Fortunately, it is difficult to ban what is in great demand by the public. To ensure that the bookmaker’s client can visit the site unobstructed, employees working 24 hours a day solve blocking methods. With this task, the alternative links of bookmakers are managed successfully.
This war can not be won or lost. The state will invest an unlimited amount of money and human resources to fight the offenders and the bookmaker will always find variants to solve the blockade. The bookmakers value customers and will do their best to continue cooperation.

However, using browsers and plugins to get around the bookmaker’s block, is inappropriate.

The problem for a player is the time needed to find a new alternative link. There is much talk on the internet about this topic and many alternative links are offered to access blocked bookmakers, but this does not always correspond to reality, most of these links are non-working links. Therefore, on our site we constantly monitor the alternative links of blocked bookmakers and try to respond to the minimum changes of the blocks.
Suppose that the player who wants to bet on the bookmaker’s website has discovered that access has been closed. The player believes that odds and bets are only available on the main site. Doing a search on the internet, the bettor realizes that there are alternative links to continue betting on the favorite bookmaker but at the same time blocked. In this case the easiest way is to find an alternative link available in specialized forums, thematic resources or better if it is a tested portal and stored in bookmarks with alternative links already working and updated to get around the blocks.
It is not uncommon to become a hostage to the situation when it is necessary to make a quick bet, and the game will start within the next 5-10 minutes. There is no time to search, so there is the possibility of losing the game, as a result, the mood is at zero and the possibility of victory is lost. Our site has the necessary material, to quickly find the alternative link of your favorite bookmaker, updated and always working and the process of linking to the official website does not require more than 30 seconds.
All you need to do is go through the suggested link. The only thing, do not be angry if this option is temporarily not working. This also happens because the government blocks other alternative deviation links, but in this case, you just have to wait until the bookmaker corrects the situation and provides us the working alternative link. Experienced bookmakers always have different paths open for their visitors, the main thing is to prepare in advance and no bet will be lost.

Differences between alternative link and official website of the bookmaker

What is the alternative link of the bookmaker? This is a copy of the official website of the bookmaker, where it is simply impossible to find a difference. All game positions, the value of the odds, the interface is exactly the same as the original. Even the player’s support is always in touch and is always ready to help in any matter.
Simply register once, pass the identification and each alternative link will be considered similar to the company’s main resource. Of course, the use of banned links is considered a violation of the law, but such a move is considered mandatory, and it is difficult to prove or disclose this act. While the government continues to block these types of sites, the bookmaker will create alternative links and ratings will continue to appear on the Internet with the best advice to resolve the block bypasses.

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