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Best online casino

The best online casinos can easily be found on a dedicated list, accessible to all players in the world. The list is rich and varied and includes operators who come to the market with different offers and able to satisfy all types of players. Today, thanks to online casinos, you can finally play comfortably from home in full legality, even on the move from your smartphone or tablet. Knowing how to choose the best online casino of the moment is not an art reserved for a select few. You too can learn the “secrets” that allow you to know what aspects to evaluate each time you are in front of a new operator. The best online casinos are generally gaming sites that offer a wide range of free games, along with an excellent variety of online bonuses, the possibility of playing with a high quality mobile casino and finally all the security that is guaranteed by the legal operators. By registering at one of the sites included in the list of quality Italian casinos, you can be sure of having access to dozens of free casino games of the highest level, which continue to innovate to keep pace with the times and needs of the players. In the best casinos, both deposits and withdrawals are simple and safe operations that will allow you to manage your gaming sessions flexibly and securely.



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The best online casinos are a small group of operators that stand out from the rest of the offer on the national and international online gaming market. In the network there are dozens, even hundreds of legal casinos and more. The competition between operators is very strong and, even in a rich and dynamic market like that of online gaming, it is not always so easy to survive and succeed. Being present in the list of the best online casinos is the goal of all operators, but only a few succeed and below we will try to explore the strengths of the casinos that emerge from the “mass”. Best online casinos in the world.

The country’s players have the opportunity to find an incredible offer of gaming sites online, many of which are foreign casinos with no-deposit bonuses that are easy to obtain and absolutely convenient. The online gaming sector is presented to a beginner player with two quite different offer channels: on the one hand there are all the best online casinos that have obtained the regular license issued by the State, on the other hand there is instead a multitude of operators that this license does not have it and that in any case they reach the players by offering their services.

Faced with these two options, a player should not think twice because it is certain that the best online casinos are casinos that are in compliance with Canadian law and are officially authorized to offer their products in the country. Illegal casinos can be excellent but have not passed all the checks required for the issue of licenses and are not required to provide the same guarantees of data protection and privacy and security of transactions that are mandatory for legal casinos. So playing in an illegal casino exposes the player to unnecessary and avoidable risks.

When a player decides to register a gaming account in a new online casino he essentially does it for two reasons, having fun playing and maybe taking home some good winnings. Both of these goals can be facilitated by the promotions that a casino offers. The better the promotions are, the more benefits you can get. The best online casinos try to offer you the maximum possible, rewarding various moments of your gaming experience, from registration to the first deposit, to your loyalty to the game room. There are many elements that can make a gaming site the best online casino and we are not referring only to how many free spins are on offer. In order to have an exceptional gaming experience, it is also important to deal with a casino that also offers secure payment methods, which allows you to cash out your winnings quickly, with controlled and reliable games and who can reward your deposits adequately.

As we have just said, a major strength of the best online casinos are payments, intended both as deposits and withdrawals. In the list of the best online casinos , the operators offer the player various deposit options, with zero costs and quick time to credit the money to the gaming account. The speed and efficiency of the procedures must be the same even when a winning player wishes to collect his money.

We wish not to devote much to the subject of transaction security as this is an aspect that must be guaranteed by all the best online casinos. Guaranteeing total and complete protection of online transactions is one of the fundamental requirements for obtaining a concession, and now all Italian casinos are equipped with advanced cryptographic systems that prevent data theft.

An operator who wants to be considered the best online casino must necessarily be able to offer a mobile casino of exceptional quality. All the world-wide statistics confirm that the game via smartphone or phone is growing and not being ready and adequately equipped to satisfy this market share can result in the failure of a business.

The best casinos allow you to play directly via smartphone online or with casino apps that work quickly, smoothly, without loss of quality and above all that allow you to access the entire catalog of games in the desktop version. In the past, a new casino that was preparing to enter the market, first developed its desktop platform and then focused on the part dedicated to mobile gaming. Now the landscape has completely changed and the best casinos start with the creation of a site that works exceptionally on small smartphone screens and then worries about desktop versions. There are even new 2020 casinos that are practically only available via mobile. Alongside the possibility of playing via mobile, the best online casinos also offer special mobile bonuses reserved exclusively for those who bet through this device. Best online casino

The live casino is another strong point of the best online casinos. The players’ public has become increasingly demanding and experienced. Challenging the computer is fun, but sometimes you need to experience some more excitement and feel immersed in the atmosphere of a real traditional casino. Here come into play the live casinos, that is, card rooms connected via streaming, thanks to which a player can feel just like in a real casino. The best online casinos offer live gaming even via mobile, so in reality you can carry the experience of Las Vegas or the Casino of Venice in your pocket!

A final important element that cannot be missed in the best online casinos is the possibility to play for free in the casino games on the platform. If you don’t know a game or its rules well, the chance to try it without spending money is the perfect opportunity to do a little practice without risking anything. You can play for free taking advantage of the Demo versions of the games, but also making the most of the opportunities offered by promotions and free spins in the casinos.


Choosing a secure online casino that suits your needs is not easy at all. Despite the large number of gambling halls that have been launched in the diverse world of the web over the last decade, finding the best online casino to try out can be more difficult than expected.

Precisely for this reason we want to simplify your life, offering you the list of casinos with complete reviews of the best casinos you can find on the web.

tips for choosing an online casino?

The first big question, the classic “one million dollar” question, is without a doubt this. Let’s start with the basics. The best online casino ever does not exist; on the contrary, there are casinos of various kinds that can satisfy the most disparate needs. Within the universe of legal casinos, choosing is above all a matter of personal taste.

The level of knowledge of the game world, the degree of familiarity the most common strategies, the different attention to bonuses and offers, the preference of some games compared to others are among the features that affect the personal choice of the best online casino. To facilitate the choice:

1) Always read the reviews first: We offer you a section entirely dedicated to reviews of the best licensed casinos on the market. In our pages you will find a long list of casinos to follow. By reading to us you will always be up to date on all the news practically in real time, and you will have at your fingertips offers, bonuses, various ideas and tips to optimize the resources available to you.

2) Beware of welcome bonuses: The best way to start your gaming experience in the best online casino is undoubtedly to cash in with a substantial welcome bonus that you can use to test all the strengths of the gaming room in question . When you decide to open an account in an authorized online casino, the welcome bonus on the first deposit for new customers is ready to wait. These promotions can be grouped into three bonus categories: no deposit bonus, with deposit, with loss refund. The no deposit bonuses are usually paid upon registration, giving new members a free amount of money, without the need to top up. Registration bonuses are designed to allow players to experience the various casino games without risking anything at all. Deposit bonuses are the most common and widespread promotions. Once you have made your first deposit into your gaming account, you are offered a bonus that can multiply your game budget. Finally, some casinos offer cashback bonuses that repay losses immediately by playing the first deposit. In this case, the bonus can be seen as a kind of insurance or compensation for previously unearned bets.

3) Which advantages are reserved for High Roller? High Rollers are a category of players who like to invest very high amounts to aim for very important winnings. This category of players obviously aims to invest only in the best casinos. Those who are willing to pay large sums, in fact, hunt for really tantalizing welcome bonuses and VIP programs that grant rewards and exclusive benefits to the most important bettors. High roller benefits also include faster withdrawal times and a personal assistant to manage your account and make better choices.

4) Read the terms and conditions of the game: in choosing the best online casino, many players focus exclusively on the amount of the bonus, ignoring some very important details about game conditions and terms that, depending on the game, could change significantly the convenience of the bonus. Most online casino bonuses have the rule of allowing you to collect winnings only after you have generated a certain volume of play. This aspect called the wagering requirement must be clearly understood when evaluating the generosity of a bonus. The players’ forums are full of conversations about unpaid winnings, blocked withdrawals and alleged casino abuses, but when you go to read the details of the events you will find that many times the responsibility falls on the players, who too often they do not want to spend even a minute reading the conditions of the bonus they requested.

5) Study how the security and protection of your data is guaranteed: choosing the best online casino means above all having guarantees in terms of security. The protection of privacy and transactions, the transparency of the rules with which players’ data are processed and the results of games are always present elements when quality operators are chosen. The authorized online casinos periodically publish documents in which all the winnings made in each game are specified and to obtain such license they are required to use a special software, ensuring that your money will always be protected and that your sensitive data will always be safe .

6) What do they say about customer service? Legal casinos must offer a support service in several languages, operating every day, capable of guaranteeing an immediate response to any problem presented to users. You can find this assistance by phone, app or the classic and instant support chat, which will solve all your problems in real time.

7) Promotion of responsible gaming: Most online casino lovers always play by putting on the table sums they can afford to lose, never going beyond their means. However, it is important that the casino helps its customers in the management of the game by offering adequate tools to limit the level of deposits and bets.

Sports betting online USA

How to bet in the United States

Talking about betting in the United States is complicated because it cannot be done in general. Broadly speaking, there is a federal law that prohibits betting throughout the territory, however, different states have the power to pass laws that do allow betting within each state.

The result of these policies is that there are currently only 20 states that allow some form of gambling. Among them, only 3 allow online bets: New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada.

T&Cs Apply 18+

We will analyze the situation in more detail in this article!

The betting in the United States

It has always been thought that in the United States there is a great culture of sports betting, and also of casinos. Do not forget that the Anglo-Saxon culture has been the inventor of sports betting and, therefore, is supposed to be in the blood of the country.

Also, movies have always given that image. Who doesn’t remember scenes of punters at the racecourse? Well, this image is clearly distorted. And it is that reality does not reflect absolutely any of this.

Federal laws on gambling and gambling are totally restrictive, but states have the power to issue their own, which are superior to federal law.

Therefore, if a state wants to allow gambling, it must create a law that annuls federal law and that allows casinos and bookmakers to offer their services.

Currently, there are only 20 states in which the game is legal in some way. In the rest of the territory bets are totally prohibited.

Online Betting in the United States

What happens to online gambling? That is, with online bookmakers and casinos in the United States.

Well, at present, there are only 3 states that allow online betting:

New Jersey
That is, in the United States it is illegal to offer online sports betting in virtually every state of the union, something that may surprise you in a country where market freedom is the most important value.

Due to the restrictive federal laws that prohibit any type of sports betting, most international operators do not accept US players.

Therefore, only Americans residing in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey can legally play online, and can only do so on authorized portals.

Legal Bookmakers in New Jersey

Although Delaware was the pioneer state in allowing online betting, it is in New Jersey where we can find a more similar picture to that of Europe. In fact, several internationally recognized brands have settled in New Jersey.

Among them we can highlight 888sport or Betfair. Both are compatible with mobile devices and are authorized by the state of New Jersey. But there are many others!

We will complete this list with the best sports betting houses in New Jersey:

BookieWelcome BonusPayPal
Borgata online$250No
playMGM Online$100No
SugarHouse Online$250No

The best bookmakers in Delaware

The situation in Delaware is very different from that in New Jersey. In fact, there are only three authorized betting portals. However, we hope that this will change little by little and that more and more options are available.

The more diversity and competence it finds, the better service operators will have to provide to maintain their status.

Without further ado, these are the three legal betting websites in Delaware:

Delaware Park Casino
Dover Downs Gaming
Harrington Gaming
The best betting houses in Nevada
Although it may seem a lie, Nevada is not a reference for online gaming. In fact, it is a fairly conservative market in terms of Internet betting.

Currently, only poker seems to have opened a gap in Nevada’s online gaming platforms. In this sense we must highlight the Word Series of Poker (WSOP) website, where fans of this practice can enjoy online poker.

However, we cannot recommend any online casino or bookmaker for users residing in Nevada.

Bet is legal in the United States?

Currently, there are three federal laws that mention sports betting in their statutes:

The Law on Protection of Professional and Amateur Sports (PASPA): prohibiting states from promoting sports betting in the States
Federal Cable Act of 1961 (Interstate Wire Act): which prevents the use of telecommunications to encourage online gambling and betting
The Illegal Internet Betting Law (UIGEA): created in 2006 to outlaw online gambling
On the other hand, there is the American Betting Association (AGA), which is the most prone to legalization or readjustment of sports betting and online betting legislation to discourage illegal betting.

That is, there are three federal laws that prevent online gambling and there is an association that supports the regulation of bets.

In fact, the Obama administration opted for the legation of online gambling, but a very powerful lobby was created by casino owners, commanded by tycoon Sheldon Addelson, who justified the ban as a social danger.

However, his concern had more to do with the fear of losing customers in his face-to-face casino than with social welfare.

The future of online betting in the USA

As we have seen, the situation of the game in the United States is a complex issue that requires patience, but the hope is that there are more and more states that allow betting both online and in person.

Now it is that the great American leagues put pressure, although unfortunately only the NBA is open to a change of legislation. Neither the NCAA nor the NFL rely on the national expansion of bets (including online).

Tips for betting in the United States

Unfortunately, apart from the general recommendations, there are few tips to give to American punters. This is so because unless they reside in Nevada, New Jersey or Delaware, they will not be able to bet virtually anywhere.

Therefore, they only have to wait until the situation is unlocked and that the bookmakers begin to freely offer their services in much of the country.

Some users use VPNs to bet on foreign bookmakers, although this has a risk that we advise against running from Sports In fact, depending on the state you are in, this practice can lead to legal problems.

Therefore, if you want to bet, the first thing you have to do is inform yourself about the current legislation in your state and verify that the bookmaker has the license in question.

If so, you can bet without problems, both legal and safety and reliability in bookmakers.

Casino Bonus Online

How Do Casino Bonuses Work ?

There are many players who make use of the casino bonuses without deposit, cashback or welcome bonuses offered by the casino every day , without the need to make a deposit, initial deposit or previous bet and thanks to the gift that certain casinos make in the form from:

Free spins to play certain classic slots or video slots

free betting bonuses

free money for specific games



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These exclusive bonuses are usually enjoyed by registering for the first time in the online casinos that offer them under certain conditions and, sometimes also, through specific codes; That is why they are also offered as ‘welcome bonuses’, which are the most requested bonuses for those new players, who lack experience or do not know the platform of a certain casino and want to try to play without risking their money in a bet repeatedly. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Casino Bonuses

It is a good way to start playing and enter the world of casinos

You can earn money using a no deposit bonus, although sometimes these are minimum amounts, which do not usually exceed 100 euros of balance

In most cases these bonuses are limited to certain games such as slot machines

Bonds without prior deposit usually have less flexible requirements and terms and conditions than bonds with deposit

Some casinos only allow you to withdraw the winnings achieved with the use of a no deposit bonus, after making a first deposit. Hence the importance of reading and understanding the terms and conditions.

How Are Casino Bonuses Activated?

Normally the bonuses are activated every time the player completes his registration in an online casino, so that the free bonus is automatically added to his account or balance.

How To Get A Bonus To Play The Casino For Free?

Getting a bonus to play casino or slots for free is very simple: click on the bonus that best suits your needs from the full list that we offer and start playing.

Why Trust Casino Bonuses?

The casino offers bonds are increasingly demanded on the Internet today. There are already numerous websites that offer different casino bonuses for new users and even allow you to play without having to make any deposit beforehand. In this way, just by registering you will be able to start playing a wide range of possibilities, including roulette, slots or blackjack, among other games.

Types Of Bonuses And Betting Conditions

Currently, casino bonuses have become an essential marketing tool to try to capture new users for betting websites such as Bet365, 1xbet, unibet . Therefore, different types of bonuses are offered adapted to the needs of each player. In this sense, you can find bonuses with deposit , which allow you to place a bet of half, the same value or even double the deposit up to a maximum amount that is usually around 150 or 200 euros.

These offers serve to encourage users to play. Thus, when you register and make your first deposit, you can place a bet of a similar value. However, it is very important to read the betting conditions, since in many cases it is mandatory to bet a specific number of times the specific amount of a bonus before you can withdraw it.

Casino No Deposit Bonuses And Free Spins

On the other hand, in casino games, many betting pages provide a bonus without a free deposit , which is usually between 5 and 20 euros. However, meeting the betting conditions is usually complicated, as it forces you to play a huge amount of money. If you are a fan of slots, you can also benefit from free spins. In case of winning, you do not receive an economic amount that is deposited in your account, but a kind of bonus that also forces you to meet certain betting conditions. 

The cashback and loyalty programs complement the different types of bonus that can be found in casinos and betting websites. In the first case, the house promises to return part of the lost money in the event that the bet has not won. On the other hand, each of the bookmakers offer different bonuses and ad hoc promotions for registered users, some of which are aimed at users who have not played for a long time, with the aim of encouraging them again through the gift of bonuses. bets or other gifts such as travel or attendance at national sporting events mainly.

Other Considerations To Consider

Exclusive casino offers often require you to enter a code during the registration or deposit process, which is usually indicated on the platform itself.

Pay attention to the type of access offer, as some may be applicable only to certain groups of players, such as only new players or only registered players. In addition, bets often on games such as poker, roulette or blackjack do not contribute to the wagering requirements related to the bonus.

Only players of legal age can play online casinos according to the law, so you will be responsible for providing accurate information about your age, name and address, which allows you to verify your identity.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Casino Players

We have all the answers you need to start playing.

Is It Safe To Deposit Money In A Bookmaker’s Account?

It is totally safe, provided that the house has an official license to act as a gambling operator, granted by the DGOJ, which is the agency under the Ministry of Finance, which audits casinos and bookmakers, ensuring their safety and impartiality.

Is It Possible To Get Bonuses Without Deposit Several Times?

It is not possible to get a no deposit bonus from the same casino on several occasions, since they are restricted to a single bonus per registered user. However, you can register in different casinos to benefit from the offers without deposit of each of them.

Do All Online Casinos Have Welcome Bonuses?

Most of the online casinos have welcome bonuses for new players who register on their platform. Why? Because these are the best of the claims to increase your customer database through the “casino offer hunters”, who browse among the different operators to benefit from this type of promotions.

What Are The Best Welcome Bonuses For Spanish Casinos?

If we talk about the amount of the bonus, right now it is Bet365 who is offering a more succulent welcome bonus , to play live casino and slot machines.

Can You Earn Real Money With Welcome Bonuses?

Yes, it is possible to earn money. The main key of the welcome bonuses is to know and understand their terms and conditions, specific to each offer and casino, which determine the wagering requirements necessary for the release of the winnings obtained with the bonus, as well as the catalog of games available which can be chosen by unlocking any promotion.

Where Can I Play The Casino Without Registering?

All the gambling and betting rooms that we mentioned and valued on our website do not require a prior registration to play, since they have free demo versions for certain games, which do not require betting.

Is It Safe To Play Without Registering?

Yes, playing casino without prior registration is as safe as playing with a registered player account; the only thing you won’t be able to benefit from any bonus until you sign up.

How Do Online Casino Games Work?

The way to play online casino is exactly the same as the way we play traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette or slot machines, in physical establishments at street level.

What Kind Of Bonuses Can You Achieve?

There is a wide range of bonuses available for players of all types. It is important to keep in mind that each bookmaker has specific terms and conditions, which should always be read.

Welcome Or Registration Vouchers

The first bonus we will consider is the most obvious and the most striking for players, commonly known as the ‘welcome bonus’ or registration. Most online casinos offer newly registered players a bonus for depositing funds in their casino. The amount of the incentive varies between the different casinos, but the underlying principle is the same: the casino wants to be loyal and you stay playing on its platform, so, if as a player you register and deposit the required amount of the website, the Online casino will normally deposit the same amount in your name, matching and doubling the total.

Customer Loyalty Bonuses At The Casino

Another bonus offered by online casinos is the ‘customer loyalty bonus’. This bonus comes in the form of money. The player freely receives this money when he makes a deposit in his account. This bond allocation is often a percentage of the initial amount deposited.

Casino Bonuses On The Recommendation Of Friends

In many industries, customer retention, interaction and networking have become the norm for business models. For that reason, it should not come as a surprise that the online gambling industry has followed suit. All companies want to make themselves known and nothing better than ‘word of mouth’.

Companies therefore want their guests and loyal customers to tell their story. This is where the friend recommendation bonus comes into play. The more players in the virtual casino, the better, and that is why online casinos have instituted the referral program. What better way to enjoy your online gaming experience than with a friend next door. It’s simple, a player tells a friend, the friend joins the casino, and the member who referred him receives a bonus.

The money, depending on the payment method ( credit cards , Neteller , Skrill , Paysafecard , etc.), arrives in your bank account normally within 5 to 15 minutes or it can take several days, if it is a bank transfer.

Is It Legal To Play Casino ?

All casinos and sports betting houses in have a license and are legal casinos.

What Is The Minimum Deposit Of A Casino?

Normally the minimum deposit to be made is € 10, although there are casinos that allow you to start playing by depositing € 5.

Are There Monthly Limits For The Withdrawal Of Earnings?

Yes, there are limits (more or less flexible) when it comes to withdrawing the casino winnings, which will depend on the terms and conditions of each casino, as well as the method used to make your money deposits.

Is It Possible That The Bookmaker Does Not Allow Me To Withdraw My Funds?

Yes, it is possible and basically it can be due to two types of causes:

You have not verified your account by providing the casino with the documents required for it

That you have not fulfilled the requirements for the release of the bond as far as deposits are concerned

How Safe Is The Online Casino?

You can see how safe a certain online casino is by reading the Security and / or Privacy section. There you will be revealed what type of encryption technologies are used in the system to protect your personal and financial data. SSL and / or RSA data encryption is crucial. More and more online betting sites are choosing to keep their clients’ deposits in separate accounts as well, separate from the company’s personal funds, to ensure that the funds are always available to process payments. So consider this as a good sign to recognize reliable online casinos . 

How Can You Win In A Casino With Little Money?

There is no guarantee that you will always win a casino, but there are many practical tips to help increase your chances of catching profits:

Always play with a fixed budget and stick to it

Choose casino games or bets with the best odds

Adjust the size of your bets to your budget

Play only the highest paying slots

Don’t waste your time with ‘betting systems’ because they don’t work (all casino game results are 100% random)

Play a free demo game first to learn how it works before betting your real money

Never try to recover your losses with new deposits