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Best Betting Bonus

Short guide to choosing the best betting bonus

When a player approaches the world of online betting he wonders which is the best betting bonus offered by the various bookmakers who now operate online. In addition to promotions, a player would like to know which bookmakers offer excellent service before opening an online betting account. Our site was created precisely for this reason or to give players who approach the world of online betting and casinos the best advice on which operator to choose to start playing. We would like to emphasize that offering different bonuses is not the main parameter for considering one bookmaker better than another. This instead arises from the analysis of other factors such as quality of service, competitive odds, betting schedule, reliability, deposit methods, customer support, mobile versions etc.

Recommended Betting Bonus


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About welcome betting bonuses

In addition to the factors mentioned above, our experts have collected a series of frequently asked questions about bonus bookmakers. We thought it well to collect the answers here so as to create a sort of list on the welcome sports bonuses and in general on the offers of the betting sites, valid mainly for the beginners of betting but also useful for the more experienced.

What is a betting bonus?

For beginners of online betting but not only we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions with the appropriate answers that can be useful regarding betting bonuses and promotional offers made by online bookmakers

What does betting bonus mean?

almost all online betting operators on the net offer a sum of money when registering each new customer. This marketing strategy is called the first registration bonus. In order to take advantage of this bonus, the bonus release requirements implemented by each bookmaker must be met and can be found in the terms and conditions of the bonus on the operator’s website. Betting bonuses are also offered to existing customers to allow them to continue betting with small promotional perks.

Types of betting bonuses offered by bookmakers?

The first deposit betting bonus is certainly the most offered bonus by the various online bookmakers. However, there are different types of bonuses that we will list below to give you a little idea of ​​what you can find online.

– First Deposit Deposit Bonus. Used as a welcome bonus plus incentive to attract new customers. The offer is tied to the sum of the first deposit made by the player. Usually bookmakers offer 50% or 100% of the first bonus deposit. For example, if the welcome betting bonus includes 100% and the new player pays 100 euros, they can start playing with 200 euros of credit.

– Betting refund bonus or cashback. The refund bonus, also known as the cashback bonus, consists in the return of a 50% or 100% percentage of the bet amount in case of loss of the bet. This type of offer can be promoted by the operator both as a welcome bonus for new members on the first qualifying bet, and to old customers as a recurring bonus, linked to particular events or games. For example, many bookmakers offer a cashback bonus in the event that a specific result occurs in the match wagered. A bonus code may be required to activate the promotion.

-Freebet or free bet. The assignment of a free bet is a type of recurring bonus offered by some bookmakers to both new and old subscribers. It is usually used for the most important sporting matches of the season. Obviously the user cannot withdraw the sum of the freebet but is obliged to bet it by placing bets, however being able to withdraw any winnings deriving from the freebet.  

– Deposit bonus. This type of offer, which belongs to the family of recurring bonuses, is offered by several bookmakers in a personalized way, to already registered customers, both as a loyalty bonus and to encourage their return to the game after a certain period of inactivity. The disbursement of the bonus on the game account is tied to a deposit made within a certain period, according to the terms and conditions of the promotion, with a variable maximum limit.

– No deposit bonus for bets. This promotion is linked almost exclusively to the bookmaker’s welcome offers. In this case the operator in fact makes available to the new registered a sum, obviously not withdrawable immediately, to start betting. The same no deposit bonus can be associated, within the welcome offer of a bookmaker, with other of the promotions mentioned in this paragraph.

– Bonus increased odds. The increased odds are promotions that reward new customers with “inflated” multipliers on certain bets.

– Mobile betting bonus. Valid for bets made exclusively from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This bonus may vary depending on the bookmakers. Usually the aforementioned cashback bonus or a freebet is proposed for mobile.

– Betting Bonus introduces a friend. This type of promotion consists of a prize, in the form of a bonus, for customers who bring new registered members to a bookmaker in their name. The site recognizes the customer a bonus of a certain amount for each player who registers through the referral code. In some cases even the user of the promotion, or the player acquired, benefits from a bonus, even if of a smaller amount. 

– Multiple bonus. The multiple bonus is one of the most frequent, used by many sites, even those that do not offer welcome betting bonuses. In most cases the promotion consists of an increase in the multiplier applied to coupons with a minimum of events, with a minimum quota, as indicated in the conditions. Another type of multiple bonus is a sort of insurance for the user in case of multiple coupon skipped for a single wrong prediction. Obviously the terms of the promotion vary from operator to operator. In particular, one must be careful of the minimum number of events to be included in the schedule and the minimum quota chosen for each individual meeting. 

How to take betting bonuses?

Usually, in order to take advantage of the wagering bonus offered by online bookmakers, it is necessary to register on the operator’s website via computer or via app. To register, simply enter your personal data as required by the bookmaker’s registration form. Once registered and after activating the account via email (usually) to unlock the bonus, a minimum deposit must be made according to the betting operator’s request and satisfy the terms and conditions of the promotional service.

betting bonus 100

Betting bonuses 100 are those promotions on the first deposit that offer up to 100 euros on the first deposit or a percentage of 100% on the deposit. The bonuses in this category are the refund or cashback bonuses, the first deposit bonuses and the payment or top-up bonuses.

Can I cash out my bet bonus?

As already mentioned, the betting bonuses are not immediately withdrawable but to protect themselves the bookmakers have laid down rules so that the amounts of the promotions can be unlocked for the withdrawal. The conditions vary according to the offer and the bookmaker but often the bonus amount must be played 3 times with a minimum fee set by the sportsbook.

What is the deadline for a betting bonus?

When it comes to the expiration of the welcome bonus, 2 elements must be taken into consideration: the period of validity of the same promotion and the time necessary to be able to join it and therefore receive the betting bonus. In the first case many bookmakers are used to change their welcome offer, therefore it is necessary to take a good look at the expiration of the same promo directly from the bookmaker’s website page or from the e-mail communications of the same operator. Once the validity of the offer has been ascertained, it is equally useful to check, always on the same page of the promo on the bookmaker’s website, the conditions for obtaining the bonus, including the times within which to prepare the required actions, such as sending the document or account deposit. Obviously these are variable depending on the type of offer and the bookmaker.

What are the exclusive betting bonuses?

As far as registered users are concerned, it should be noted that bookies reward these players with promotional offers such as loyalty rewards. This is especially true for more active players or hight roller customers who can benefit from a number of advantages to accumulate credits that they can convert into real money. It is certainly the bookmaker who decides which players to reward and therefore which players can use the benefits offered for loyalty rewards. Usually it is possible to find a dedicated section on the betting operator’s site where all the rules for being an awarded player are listed.

Are betting bonuses actually credited?

Operators are obliged by the entities that issue the gaming license and therefore regulate the online game to credit the bonus to the gaming account, provided that the customer respects the terms and conditions of the offer. The bonus, however, can be canceled in case of non-compliance by the user, such as failure to complete the playthrough in the indicated period.