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Bonus betting sites

In online betting the player arrives to bet. The game, however, must be stimulating and must encourage the player to bet. This task is up to betting bonuses

One of the most frequent questions a player asks himself is this: what are the best bonuses of bookmakers and online casinos?

Online casinos and bookmakers know that bonuses are the most attractive thing for a player who wants to bet whether he is a beginner or a professional: money calls money and this is usually the best entry into the betting world.

Below we offer you a list of the best betting bonuses on the market today.

There are not only welcome bet bonuses, which are usually very interesting (but which require meeting the bookmaker’s requirements before being collected), but also others to encourage the player to play even after receiving the first deposit welcome bonus and above all other specials, associated with promotions or special events.

The ones we receive when registering as new users.Subject to us making new deposits in our account.Special bonuses, depending on events, competitions, anniversaries, etc.

First deposit

It is our initial income, the amount of money that we first enter into our account.

This is a first scale used by a good number of sports betting and gaming operators when calculating the bonuses and promotions offered to new users.

Usually there is usually a minimum amount of income.

Welcome Betting Bonuses

The welcome bets bonus of online bookmakers corresponds to the additional amount of money that the internet bookmaker offers us when we register with it and make our first deposit (usually).

But to enjoy this extra we must “release” the bonus, with the rollover .

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It is not enough that we have covered our first deposit to take the welcome bonus.

It is necessary that we fulfill a series of conditions marked by the betting page so that we can withdraw the money that we are going to win.

What are those conditions?

They vary depending on the bonus and the game operator, usually “hidden” in the terms and conditions section, something you should be more than attentive to.

These terms and conditions usually indicate the obligation to place sports bets a number of times followed , make our bets online only at certain types (with minimum fees, excluding combined bets, etc …) or cover a minimum of money to make them.

In ApuestosOnline.Net we always value very positively those houses whose conditions facilitate the release of online betting bonuses.

Then, within the welcome bets bonuses, we will find different types, quite similar in their operation between the betting pages .

Thus we will find from bonuses delivered directly through a welcome code to others that will offer us a refund of the initial deposit (in whole or in part) and even some refund: if we do not succeed in our first forecast and lose the bet, the houses of Sports bets return the bonus in the form of a balance for the same value as that bet.

We can also find other welcome bonuses when the online betting house has or launches a new platform associated with the main one, usually an application for mobile devices (app) , which when downloaded for the first time will grant us a new welcome bonus .

Bet safely and consciously

As a summary , these would be the steps we should cover in order to bet safely and consciously:

  • Choose welcome bonus that interests us: discover the minimum income required
  • Read in detail the terms and conditions : types of bets allowed, number of occasions necessary to place bets (if applicable), deadline to bet, term to withdraw funds
  • Enter welcome code : if necessary
  • Make our first bet : look for those most attractive odds that meet the terms and conditions. Simple online bets are always easier and more profitable , especially when we are novice or casual players

More wood: reload betting bonuses

Did you like the gambling experience?

Do you want to earn more?

Have you bitten and want to recover your money because next time you will have more luck?

Internet betting houses have all these possible scenarios in mind and can incentivize your activity by offering you new online betting bonuses, subject to entering more money in your account or placing more bets.

Today is a special day: promotions

There are always special occasions in which to celebrate something, and the game operators know it: classic meetings, competition finals, anniversaries and events, reward your activity …

Almost any occasion is usually conducive for betting houses to circulate new bonds subject to special conditions for a limited period of time with the aim of maintaining our attention.

Sports bets

Without a doubt, the queens of bets, also for us in Online Betting.

With football bets as the cornerstone of them and supported by the globalization of this phenomenon, it is difficult not to find fans of LaLiga , Premiere, Bundesliga, etc. bets and their teams in all parts of the world.

Not to mention international competitions such as the Champions League, Copa Libertadores, Copa América, Eurocopa and Copa del Mundo.

Hundreds of millions of fans are awaiting these competitions , so it is not surprising that former star players or top-level sports analysts lend their image to most of these online betting houses, which in turn tend to stand out for its sponsorships to the main teams and competitions.

The play is repeated, with less intensity, with other sports on a decreasing scale: basketball (especially the NBA, ACB and Euroleague), tennis, motor sports such as Formula 1 or Moto GP, boxing, handball, rugby, etc …

A long list to complete all disciplines likely to interest a fan. Because where there is a fan of any discipline there is a potential bettor.

In this way it is not strange to find more exotic sports from our point of view such as curling , wrestling or newcomers eSports (video game competitions), called to be an important asset in the future that we will be very attentive from Online Betting.


They indicate the amount to be won at the time of placing an online bet , the number by which our bet will be multiplied, which will be greater or lesser depending on the chances of success we have with our forecast, the level of difficulty of the success.

Higher odds will offer us greater benefit , but also more risk and chances of losing our bet, while lower odds will be safer but less profitable.

Do you know the SuperCuotas? What are you waiting for?

In addition to welcome bonuses, betting pages often also offer improved odds for new players .

These are ephemeral, to encourage our first bet, but combined with the bonus they can offer us benefits.

SuperCuotas and Crazy Fees: Don’t miss them!

The odds of sports betting can fluctuate, depending on the supply and demand of the gaming market .

This adapts to that demand, so that the fees can go up and down at any time.

Of course, the fluctuation never affects bets already placed: once a bet is closed, its quota will remain fixed.

They are a key factor, together with the variety of bets and forecasts that we can make: simple, combined, first scorer, final score, etc …

And one of the indexes that we analyze most in ApuestosOnline.Net to decide which bookmaker suits you. For all this, do not forget our special SuperCuotas page … We update every day!

More questions?

In we are punters. We love to bet. And we have been in this for many years to know how bookmakers and their bonuses work.

But we were also newbies.

That is why we know exactly what doubts may arise for those who approach a bookmaker for the first time.

And in this section we have summarized the most common, so that you have a guide to go when you need it.

FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions about Betting Bonuses

What is the rollover?

The rollover is what is called the conditions of release.

These conditions vary depending on the bookmaker, although they usually have to do with betting a number of times the amount of the bonus on a specific type of bets, with a specific minimum fee.

Almost all bookmakers also put a limit of days to get the rollover.What are the bonus conditions?

These also vary depending on the bookmaker.

They refer to what needs to be done to get the bonus.

For example, they usually request a minimum income of € 10 or the equivalent in local currency.

They also usually indicate the reasons why the bonus can be canceled.

The most common is usually to withdraw money from the account before getting to the rollover, although it may also be for having used the bonus in a different way to what is stipulated by the bookmaker.

These conditions vary greatly depending on the bookmaker.When can I withdraw the money?

Anytime. Of course, we must bear in mind that in all welcome bonuses there are conditions, which we have talked about before.

If you withdraw the money before completing the rollover, both the bonus and the winnings will disappear.

Of course, the money entered is yours and you can withdraw it whenever you want.What is the best bonus?

Well it depends on many factors. Each person is a world and each player decides what he wants in a bonus. There are those who prefer very high bonuses, others who want easier release conditions, etc …

Of course, the best bonus is the one that offers a high amount, a percentage of the first high income and simple release conditions.Is it safe to deposit money into a bookmaker’s house account?

Of course.

The first thing a bookmaker has to do is offer confidence to its players. A bookmaker that raises doubts will not last long.

That’s why they offer 100% secure payment methods. Insurance and acquaintances. If you buy a lot online you must have seen them already.

And they work the same as in the best online stores.

You can usually deposit money through a credit or debit card (where bank security is beyond any doubt), through an electronic payment service such as PayPal, Neteller or Skrill and also through bank transfer.

We recommend doing so through PayPal because it is very easy to use, very fast and anonymous, since it is not necessary to put our card number on the bookmaker’s pageHow much is the minimum to enter?

The minimum is marked by each bookmaker, although to receive the bonus the minimum is usually € 10 or its equivalent in the local currency.Is it possible to bet without a welcome bonus

Yes, although in the vast majority of cases this welcome bonus is automatic, we can talk to the customer service so that it is canceled and so we do not have to meet a series of conditions to withdraw the money.

In addition, in some cases the bookmaker asks for a bonus code at the time of registration or first deposit to allow the user to accept the bonus or not.

This is what we think is most fair.

The welcome bonus is beneficial for the vast majority of players, but if anyone does not want it, they should be free to refuse it.The bookmaker doesn’t let me withdraw my winnings, why?

It may be due to several reasons, but there are two main ones.

The first is that the conditions of the bonus, the rollover, have not been met.

If this is so, the bookmaker does not allow you to withdraw the bonus or your winnings.

In addition, it warns that, if we want to withdraw the money entered, it will automatically disappear both the bonus they have given us and the possible profits obtained.

The second reason why the bookmaker does not let you withdraw your winnings is that you have not completely verified your identity.

This process is mandatory, by law, and is usually carried out by attaching an official document such as your ID, passport or driving license.Can I bet hard if I want to? Are there bookmakers for high rollers?

It depends on what you call strong betting. That is, we know what you mean, to bet a lot of money. But it depends on the quantity.

Normally the bookmakers have a maximum at the time of betting that cannot be passed. A maximum that is not normally explicit and that varies greatly depending on the bet itself and the bettor.

As they have the right of admission, many bookmakers can prevent betting on players who bet very hard.

There are bookmakers more flexible than others, of course, but by following some subjective terms, this flexibility varies.

There are bookmakers for high rollers, but they have no Spanish license. That is, you can play in them, but without guarantees as to the legality of our country.Are there monthly limits for withdrawal of funds?

Normally this depends on the payment method chosen. However, most limits are quite logical and cover 99.99% of bettors.

There are also usually weekly or monthly income limits, although this depends more on the bookmaker.

Of course, many allow flexible limits adapting to what the player wants. To do this you have to contact the bookmaker and request it.Through which channels can I contact the bookmaker?

By law, each and every bookmaker must have a customer service. They usually have a Live Chat, which is the fastest and easiest way to contact them.

They also usually have a contact email and some even have a telephone number. There are usually no problems and they show any player how to contact them.

In addition, some bookmakers also answer questions through their respective social networks.Is it necessary to enter a bonus code?

In most of the cases, no.

But as we said before, some casinos do ask for a code in case they have several welcome bonuses available or in case they want to leave the player the option to accept or not that welcome bonus.Why are there different conditions of release?

Bookmakers play with it. Better conditions of liberation attract more attention and, therefore, attract customers, but they cannot be very easy to overcome because otherwise they would lose a lot of money.

With that they play a lot and that is why they also change over time, hardening them or not depending on what they are looking for in each moment.

Of course, the conditions of release accepted by the user when obtaining the bonus cannot change.

Do you have any further questions? If so, you can leave us any questions in the comments section below.