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Sports betting online USA

How to bet in the United States

Talking about betting in the United States is complicated because it cannot be done in general. Broadly speaking, there is a federal law that prohibits betting throughout the territory, however, different states have the power to pass laws that do allow betting within each state.

The result of these policies is that there are currently only 20 states that allow some form of gambling. Among them, only 3 allow online bets: New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada.

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We will analyze the situation in more detail in this article!

The betting in the United States

It has always been thought that in the United States there is a great culture of sports betting, and also of casinos. Do not forget that the Anglo-Saxon culture has been the inventor of sports betting and, therefore, is supposed to be in the blood of the country.

Also, movies have always given that image. Who doesn’t remember scenes of punters at the racecourse? Well, this image is clearly distorted. And it is that reality does not reflect absolutely any of this.

Federal laws on gambling and gambling are totally restrictive, but states have the power to issue their own, which are superior to federal law.

Therefore, if a state wants to allow gambling, it must create a law that annuls federal law and that allows casinos and bookmakers to offer their services.

Currently, there are only 20 states in which the game is legal in some way. In the rest of the territory bets are totally prohibited.

Online Betting in the United States

What happens to online gambling? That is, with online bookmakers and casinos in the United States.

Well, at present, there are only 3 states that allow online betting:

New Jersey
That is, in the United States it is illegal to offer online sports betting in virtually every state of the union, something that may surprise you in a country where market freedom is the most important value.

Due to the restrictive federal laws that prohibit any type of sports betting, most international operators do not accept US players.

Therefore, only Americans residing in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey can legally play online, and can only do so on authorized portals.

Legal Bookmakers in New Jersey

Although Delaware was the pioneer state in allowing online betting, it is in New Jersey where we can find a more similar picture to that of Europe. In fact, several internationally recognized brands have settled in New Jersey.

Among them we can highlight 888sport or Betfair. Both are compatible with mobile devices and are authorized by the state of New Jersey. But there are many others!

We will complete this list with the best sports betting houses in New Jersey:

BookieWelcome BonusPayPal
Borgata online$250No
playMGM Online$100No
SugarHouse Online$250No

The best bookmakers in Delaware

The situation in Delaware is very different from that in New Jersey. In fact, there are only three authorized betting portals. However, we hope that this will change little by little and that more and more options are available.

The more diversity and competence it finds, the better service operators will have to provide to maintain their status.

Without further ado, these are the three legal betting websites in Delaware:

Delaware Park Casino
Dover Downs Gaming
Harrington Gaming
The best betting houses in Nevada
Although it may seem a lie, Nevada is not a reference for online gaming. In fact, it is a fairly conservative market in terms of Internet betting.

Currently, only poker seems to have opened a gap in Nevada’s online gaming platforms. In this sense we must highlight the Word Series of Poker (WSOP) website, where fans of this practice can enjoy online poker.

However, we cannot recommend any online casino or bookmaker for users residing in Nevada.

Bet is legal in the United States?

Currently, there are three federal laws that mention sports betting in their statutes:

The Law on Protection of Professional and Amateur Sports (PASPA): prohibiting states from promoting sports betting in the States
Federal Cable Act of 1961 (Interstate Wire Act): which prevents the use of telecommunications to encourage online gambling and betting
The Illegal Internet Betting Law (UIGEA): created in 2006 to outlaw online gambling
On the other hand, there is the American Betting Association (AGA), which is the most prone to legalization or readjustment of sports betting and online betting legislation to discourage illegal betting.

That is, there are three federal laws that prevent online gambling and there is an association that supports the regulation of bets.

In fact, the Obama administration opted for the legation of online gambling, but a very powerful lobby was created by casino owners, commanded by tycoon Sheldon Addelson, who justified the ban as a social danger.

However, his concern had more to do with the fear of losing customers in his face-to-face casino than with social welfare.

The future of online betting in the USA

As we have seen, the situation of the game in the United States is a complex issue that requires patience, but the hope is that there are more and more states that allow betting both online and in person.

Now it is that the great American leagues put pressure, although unfortunately only the NBA is open to a change of legislation. Neither the NCAA nor the NFL rely on the national expansion of bets (including online).

Tips for betting in the United States

Unfortunately, apart from the general recommendations, there are few tips to give to American punters. This is so because unless they reside in Nevada, New Jersey or Delaware, they will not be able to bet virtually anywhere.

Therefore, they only have to wait until the situation is unlocked and that the bookmakers begin to freely offer their services in much of the country.

Some users use VPNs to bet on foreign bookmakers, although this has a risk that we advise against running from Sports In fact, depending on the state you are in, this practice can lead to legal problems.

Therefore, if you want to bet, the first thing you have to do is inform yourself about the current legislation in your state and verify that the bookmaker has the license in question.

If so, you can bet without problems, both legal and safety and reliability in bookmakers.