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* We recommend you to use only the alternative link when you are located temporarily in a country where gambling is prohibited or if the bookmakers has put your country on the whitelist.


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Betfair Alternative Link

On this page we provide updated alternative links to access the official betfair website through mirror links. If you are looking for the alternative link to betfair bookmaker click on one of the links provided.













How to access Betfair

The alternative link (mirror url) of Betfair  is becoming more and more difficult to find, since access to the official website in our country is closed, and the alternative link or mirror versions are regularly blocked.

Nevertheless, players are trying to find an opportunity to enter this betting platform, as many of them have their own accounts there, and the opportunities that this bookmaker provides seem quite attractive.

Despite the undefined difficulties associated with the search, it is still real. Among other things, there are other ways to be on this site – such nuances should be considered in more detail.


Access to the bookmaker through the alternative link (mirror version)

The Alternative Link of Betfair is the alternative address of the betfair betting site and, in essence, is an exact copy of the website currently banned by governement.

All players registered in the bookmaker are advised to follow the bookmaker’s news and check their mail (the email address that was entered during registration).

The law applies to bookmakers who have not received a separate license to operate on the Internet, according to which they would have to deduct a certain portion of the funds being turned over.

Among other things, the law prohibits any mirrors of those Internet resources that are in the prohibited registry, as well as the distribution of links to them. This explains all the difficulties that players have with a hit not only on the main site, but also on its next mirror version.

If before blocking of each new alternative link of Betfair, state authorities required a court decision, today they do it without any permits.

Therefore, everything is quick and easy for them, while creating a new version of the site, transferring to it all the necessary information and implementing all the necessary settings is not so easy.

In principle, the bookmaker is licensed in Europe, has long been tested by players and is considered one of the most reliable. But the lack of permits for work in some country significantly complicates the situation. Perhaps in the future Betfair still legalizes for activities in some country Internet space, but so far, his clients have to endure and overcome the above-mentioned troubles.

Betfair Alternative Link


How to bypass the lock?

Due to the fact that it’s not always possible to get to the Betfire alternative link, the betters also use other ways to be on this playground:

Scripts and plugins
They change ip, so the player manages to bypass the lock.

VPN technology Today, a lot of programs of this kind have appeared – however, most of them are paid, and their free versions are limited in time or filled with advertising.
TOP Browser This browser changes ip, which allows lovers of excitement to go to the bookmaker’s site without having to install third-party programs.
Special extensions They are installed directly in browsers and, as a rule, free of charge.

Mobile app
Using the mobile version, players usually get to easily access the Internet resource Betfair.

The installation of all these programs and extensions traditionally does not take much time. However, it should be noted that some of them can slow down the operation of the browser.

And you also need to be careful not to install any malware in place of the required program – with a virus or from scammers.

So the entrance to the version of Betfair is not a fantasy, but a very real thing. Just tune into luck and use any of the above options or find an alternative link.

How the bookmaker attracts international customers?

Regardless of which way you used to be on the bookmaker site, you will see the same game line, attractive enough coefficients and a good list.

In particular, more than two dozen sports disciplines are offered for pre-match bets. Especially a lot of interesting things in football:

  • all beloved fans and betters of the championship;
  • chic painting;
  • additional outcomes in small markets.

Fairly well represented hockey – not all European bookmakers are ready to offer the same number of bets and the same number of matches for this sport, which we have though popular, but still not the same as football.

Moreover, you will find here hockey matches not only from the NHL, but also from the Continental League and some other championships.

Having entered the Betfair through a mirror, or by going directly to the official site, you can choose for bets a lot of interesting events from tennis. The main tournaments are well represented in detail: not only the Grand Slam, but also the Davis Cup, ATP / WTA, Challengers.

While the murals are modest (without additional markets), the number of fights, on the outcomes of which you can make a bet, is quite large.

Finally, the bookmaker attracts gambling people:

  • non-sports betting;
  • slots and poker room;
  • “Live” casino;
  • e-sports;
  • other gambling entertainment.

As you can see, there is no need to miss players on such a playground.

As for quotations, they are not exactly the best bookmakers, but not the worst – about the average level. If the events are valuable, the margin can be 6 or 7 percent. If matches are simple for forecasting, this indicator increases to 10 or 12 percent.

True, the coefficients for tennis matches can contain much higher margins – up to 15 percent. And this is not the most profitable option for the players.

Why are betters so actively looking for a Betfair alternative link, despite all the blockages and prohibitions? Not least of all, they are attracted by the live betting section, which is called In-Play. Not at all worse than the pre-match line, and maybe even more interesting!

If we take into account top events, we offer about two dozen variants of the bet. There are fewer less known matches.

About offers

How good is the bonus program? Can players find themselves in the mirror of the official Betfair website, including, in order to get one of the bonuses offered?

There is a welcome one hundred percent bonus, which is given for the deposit (it should be up to $ 30). In order to withdraw these funds, they will need to be scrolled at least ten times.

On third-party resources you can find promotional codes Betfair, the introduction of which when registering and logging into the site provides players with certain advantages.

Active fans of excitement get the opportunity to freebet, that is, free bets.

Among other things, there is a special scoring system here: for every 10 euro cents, which the player pays in the commission with a win, the office charges on the point. Thanks to this there is a chance to increase your level to VIP status and accumulate a bonus cache.

Time for the accumulation of points is 30 days, starting from the first installment. Accounting is subject only to those wagers that are made on the exchange (that is, the express is no longer suitable).

When the due time has passed, the bookmaker charges the cache for 48 hours.

On financial transactions

Having found the actual mirror of this bookmaker office, you can also make the necessary financial transactions, that is, deposit money into the account and withdraw them.

The site operates with all payment systems that are considered standard. There is the possibility of mobile transfers, as well as transfers to the Visa or MasterCard card.

Most often – for the deposit, and when withdrawing the win, players use WebMoney. The minimum amount at the same time will be $ 10, but if you use any other payment systems, there may be a minimum of 20 dollars.

As for the maximum amount of output, this is determined by one or another of the systems used.

Of course, it will not be without paying the commission, which is 1.5 percent of the amount won. But, as already mentioned above, from each of these conclusions the office counts the player on the score, forming a bonus cache.

Customer Support

Some people think that if you open a site through a mirror, then there will not be an opportunity to contact technical support specialists, if there are any technical problems.

But this is not the case: all customer requests that they make on alternative versions of the site are redirected directly to the main resource. Accordingly, the tech support gets to know them and solves the problem.

In principle, these guys can be contacted if something is wrong with the entrance to the private office (it is not possible, for example, to enter) or it is impossible to register.

Publish links to the current mirror, needless to say, no one will, because it is prohibited by law, but you can send the corresponding link by mail.

Reviews about the work of the Betfair Support Service are mostly positive. At least, these experts have shown themselves responsive, responsive and real professionals.

However, in the case of global technical failures, small delays are not ruled out. But it should be understood that several specialists, whether they are the best professionals, are not able to solve many problems simultaneously. We must wait patiently for our turn.

How can I cancel a ban?

But if you received a ban directly from the security service of Betfair, that is, they were blocked by the office for one reason or another, even through the very last alternative link you will not be able to enter the site.

The solution of this issue is only one thing – the removal of the lock, if, of course, the office agrees, since in certain cases the ban turns out to be life.

Because of what is it possible to block access to the player by the office? What could be the reason that Betfair’s security service will tell moderators to give a ban to a particular better?

First of all, a violation of the bookmaker’s rules (a detailed list of conditions and rules you can read in the corresponding section on the official website) and fraudulent actions.

If you have no idea why you were blocked, contact technical support and ask them how to stop by. It is possible that access is blocked due to some technical error, which means that there is hope for its quick elimination and recovery.

Either you entered the exchange rates through a n alternative link, and it was blocked (a fate that sooner or later overtakes all the mirror versions). Accordingly, it is necessary to find a new alternative input or alternatively use any of the other options for bypassing the lock.

Being blocked by the support service, you should not delay contacting these specialists. You can never tell at once for what period you got the ban, because it can be short-term or permanent.

Alas, if the violation of the rules was serious enough, you need to be prepared for the fact that the lock can be forever.

ometimes a player is blocked for actively using various bots automatically making bets. So be careful before you resort to one of these programs.

The “fork” in Fairbat is tolerable, but the opening of several accounts by one player, but under different names, is prohibited (and, accordingly, the one who breaks the rule, gets a ban).