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Bet365 how to bet

Start betting on Bet365: how to open an account

Before starting to play, of course you need to register with Bet365. To register you can take advantage of a Bet365 bonus code made available to the new users by the operator. To execute the procedure, simply click on the appropriate item on the site screen, so that you can provide your personal data and useful information for creating a Bet365 gaming account.

The registration operation obligatorily requires the acceptance of the contract and the terms and conditions, communicating therefore that it has the legal capacity to bet. At that point it will be enough to send a copy of a valid identity document within the dictated limits.


How to bet on bet365

The terms and conditions for registration

The operator is careful to comply with the international regulations, so only adults are authorized to open a gaming account, which can be one and only one for each individual user, on pain of cancellation. If the account is not used for 3 years, any remaining balance will be transferred to the Treasury.

Live Betting

Players who have opened a new account and know how to bet on Bet365 can place their bets in real time on their favorite events while the game is in play. It can be seen how in this case the odds change continuously based on the progress of the game being played.

It can be verified that during the live game the odds are not available for a few seconds. This depends on the game actions that at certain times could make one outcome more likely than another, but the odds are still restored in no time.

For those unable to watch the game live can always use the animated graphics of bet365, where he can see the various game actions of the game and statistics, so you can decide on where to bet. The most interesting thing is the streaming which allows the user to follow the game in real time.

We remind you that live streaming is only available to users who have an account on bet365 and their balance is positive or have made a bet in the last 24 hours. For more info we advise you to read the terms and conditions of service on the official site of bet365.

Bet365 how to make the first bet: deposit, bet, maximum win

Once you open an account at bet365 and after making a minimum required deposit you can start making your first bet. Remember that certain requirements must be met before you can start betting: first, for example, the minimum deposit amount for single bets. The maximum payout is established and you can find more info on the official website of bet365.

Single bet on Bet365

If you bet on a single bet, just choose an event and bet on the win or loss. In the event that this event occurs at the end of the game the bet would be won and the user could withdraw his winnings.

To place a bet on Bet365 just go to the Sport section from the top menu and select the type of bet, then click on the desired amount and it will be added to the coupon coupon on the right.

Types of bets on Bet365: single, multiple

What types of bets does bet365 offer? There are more types of bets on bet365. The best known is certainly the so-called single bet, but there is also the multiple bet.

For those who want to risk less, however, systems are also available. What are? The systems are a series of multiple bets and never single and which can allow margins of error, but lowering the total winnings. Clicking on the item dedicated to the system options on the virtual card of the site you will have access to the appropriate options available for the systems, relating to the events chosen.

To finally complete the bet, just type in the amount you want to bet and click on the item that shows the bet action. In case of a negative answer the bet could be canceled. Exactly as it happens for the Live, it could often be simply a temporary phenomenon linked to particular phases of the game during which one is betting, so the chosen odds could have just been changed forcing the user to reconfirm the bet only after viewing the updated quotas. A detail to remember when talking about the rules on how to bet on Bet365.