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Matched Betting

What is the matched betting?

In the online betting scene there are many tools that allow you to get large winnings in the face of a minimum effort, regardless of the accumulated experience or the time available to invest. Although there is no formula capable of guaranteeing 100% safe earnings, something very similar has recently appeared on the horizon thanks to Matched Betting.

For the more experienced the answer may be obvious, for the less a small introduction may clarify the ideas on what is the phenomenon of the moment in the world of digital bets, how it works and what opportunities and / or guarantees it is able to offer.

The Matched Betting, translated literally, corresponds to a system of “Matched Bets” aimed at maximizing the bettors’ profits through the use of crossed bets to cover all possible outcomes. It would not differ much from the classic individual sports bets on the single event except for the ability to exploit the betting bonuses offered by the Bookmakers and thus avoid mathematically the possibility of losing ..

The mechanism proposed by the best matched betting sites makes it possible to cross-check the bonus quota and the one initially invested to obtain a net gain, albeit variable depending on the odds, regardless of the outcome of the event.

The operation is legal, adhering perfectly to the rules of online betting and, at the same time, does not hinder in any way the profit objectives of the main sports bookmakers whose main interest does not apply to any winnings or loss of a bet but to the transaction that the same guarantees when carried out: in this case, thanks to the crossing of bets on the single event, both the bookmaker and the player satisfy their own interests.

Any winnings are therefore in line, it is taxed at the source and will not cause any type of headache to the users who will only have to concentrate on the tools for matched betting to increase their game portfolio. Which sites do you take advantage of?

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Matched betting is legal ?

Matched betting is completely legal. You simply have to be 18 years of age. That’s all. It’s not a scam, it’s not illegal. Bookmakers don’t like it very much because in practice they earn almost nothing with you as you can pocket all the bonuses they offer. Sometimes they can limit your account if they see that you are not profitable to make sure you can bet up to a certain amount.

Matched Betting is how to bet?

matched betting is not gambling : you’re not betting, you’re using the bookmakers bonus system in your favor (when you make welcome bonuses or recurring bonuses) or find sure bets thanks to the tools you offer matched betting sites. You don’t run any danger.

Initial requirements for Matched Betting

Be over 18 years old.
A PC, smartphone or tablet (or all 3!). It depends on where you want to place bets. Obviously a PC is much more comfortable.
A good internet connection. Nothing but what works here;).
A special e-mail address for Matched Betting. This is to ensure that you do not get spam to your personal mailbox.
A minimum initial budget (which we see in the next point).

How much money do you need to get started?

It depends on the offer you want to complete on a particular bookmaker. For example, to complete Better’s first welcome offer and earn € 9 you will need around € 20-30:

€ 100 to deposit on Bet365
€ 10-20 to be deposited on Betfair. The amount needed on Betfair depends on the odds you choose:

If you deposit € 20 at 1.30, you will need € 6 on Betfair

If you deposit € 20 at 1.50, you will need € 10 on Betfair

If you deposit € 20 at 2.00, you will need € 20 on Betfair

If you deposit € 20 at 2.50, you will need € 30 on Betfair
For bigger offers we say that the calculation is many times from 2 to 3 times what is at stake: if the offer makes you earn € 200 you will have to move around € 600 (and you’ll end up with € 800).

Do I need to have a separate bank account for Matched Betting?

No. And you can also use Paypal or debit / credit cards. There are no problems, in general bookmakers accept many forms of payment and, when they are the ones who have to pay you, they pay you both your card, both on Paypal, and on your bank account.

How much time do I spend at MATCHED BETTING?

The right answer depends on how much you want to earn.

If you want to get the maximum result, then earn more than € 5,000 a year, then you have to dedicate to matched betting at least 30 minutes every day.

If you want to earn without the stress of a result, then you can make matched bets when you have time and desire.

Let me be clear, there are no time and schedule constraints, apart from recurring bonuses on live matches. You can operate in 99% of cases at any time of day or night.

Example of initial investment and prerequisites

Every welcome, personal or recurring bonus requires a liability, which is an amount that you have to budget to unlock the various bonuses.

The money you decide to budget is not bound in any way. Once the bonus is unlocked you can withdraw everything without problems.

a practical example:

Betfair bonus

In this case the total responsibility required is around € 700 for a total gain of around € 90.

It means that on the PayPal account you must have € 700 to handle. Once you have unlocked the bonus you will find yourself in the PayPal account € 790.00.

The whole operation is mathematical, you can’t lose, it’s impossible!

In a nutshell it is like having money in the bank, with a subtle difference: with matched betting the gain is guaranteed!

As I said above, to start you need:

an internet connection;
a computer running Mac or Windows;
the Italian residence;
the age of majority.